GPS trackers

For whom are

GPS locators will enable you to track the location of people, animals or valuables. Using GPS, they will determine their exact position and localize the object being tracked. Locators and GPS trackers will help find a stolen bicycle, call a stray dog, watch over your child and protect an elderly person from danger.

How do GPS locators work??

Locators use signals transmitted by GSM networks and GPS satellites, through which they are able to determine an exact location. The ascertained information, including precise coordinates, is then sent to a predefined phone number via an SMS. Or to your computer via GPRS. All you have to do is make a call to the SIM card inserted in the locator. In a moment you will get an SMS with link to Google Maps with information about the current position of the GPS locator. Or the GPS tracker will send you information about its position in specified intervals. On the server, you can then choose a time range to show you the tracked route.

How else GPS locators may help you

  • switch your locator or tracker to eavesdropping mode and listen to the sounds in the vicinity of where your locator is situated.
  • Door alarm: selected models may be used as door motion detectors. You will be warned if the locator moves away from its magnet (included).