Helmer LK604 Gold

  • Helmer LK604 Gold
Manufacturer: Helmer

Helmer LK604 Gold

A GPS locator for monitoring dogs and cats, designed to be attached to a collar or collar loop.


A GPS locator for monitoring dogs and cats, designed to be attached to a collar or collar loop. Elegant design.

How does it work?
The device uses signals of GPS/GPRS networks and GPS satellites. The equipment enables the tracking 
and localization of items, determining the exact position by means of GPS and subsequently sending information and exact coordinates to a mobile application. To ensure the locator’s trouble-free functionality, it is recommended to use a SIM card that supports both SMS messages and data tariffs. The maximum data consumption of the locator is calculated at 30 MB/month.
Upon request, the locator can send an SMS with a link to a map showing its position without any need to use a mobile application or a data SIM card.

Locator tracking and controlling through a mobile application
The locator may be controlled and tracked by means of a mobile application that can be downloaded using a QR code or from the Google Store database. Versions are available for Android and iOS. 

Application functions
Real-time tracking 
Basically, the most reliable and accurate determination of the locator’s real-time position. The locator position is updated every 15 seconds, so you can track its motion on-line. 

The option to view the position of the locator for a selected time interval. 

The locator can also be configured to send an SMS with information to the “Main Monitoring Number” if it leaves a predefined area.

Change password - enables you to change your application password
Interval for uploading GPS location data - sets an interval for sending the GPS position data. Option: every 30 seconds (in such a case, the locator battery capacity is 6 hours), 10 min (80 h), 60 min (120 h)
Main monitoring number - the defined phone number to which the watch sends important warnings, e.g. about the upcoming battery depletion or departure from the Geofence. 

Technical specifications

- Supported networks: GSM/GPRS
- GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900
- Position accuracy: 10 m (e.g. bad weather may impair the accuracy)
- battery life: up to 72 hours in stand-by - battery type: rechargeable 3.7 V 400 mAh Li-Ion accumulator
- Operating temperature: -20 to 55°C
- Dimensions: 47 × 50 × 15 mm
- Weight: 40 g
- Watertightness: IP 66
- collar clip width 3 cm, height 0.5

Package Contents

- Locator
- USB cable
- User manual