Helmer LK506

  • Helmer LK506
Manufacturer: Helmer

Helmer LK506

A professional searching/tracking device that may be connected to and hidden in the electrical wiring of a vehicle.


GPS lokátor Helmer LK 506


With this locator, you can prevent the theft of your car or other valuables due to the determination of exact coordinates, which the device will send you in an SMS to a predefined phone number. You can easily use this function by simply inserting a SIM card into your locator, which is not only highly practical, but also offers a simple connection to the electrical wiring of your vehicle.

However, Helmer LK 506 also has other functions. One of them, for example, is the tracking option that works in two ways: you can call your SIM card in the locator and it will immediately send you the information about its position. The advantage is that you will save money since you are only charged for sending the SMS messages. The other option is tracking by means of a data tariff, where the locator sends information to a dedicated server at intervals that you define, plus you will also be able to edit it. The specific locator functions may be easily configured by SMS messages having a special format (the exact formats are described in the included manual).

GPS lokátor Helmer LK 506


Other functions: 

  • Eavesdropping - after switching into this mode, you may call the locator to listen in to sounds from the surroundings of your locator.
  • Password setting - your communication with the locator may be protected by a password and configured so that the respective information is only sent to a predefined phone number
  • Movement warning - if the locator moves a predefined distance away, you will receive a warning SMS
  • Local Geo-Fence locking - this function helps to limit the locator motion to an area defined by you (if breached, you will receive a message)
  • Warning when exceeding a predefined speed
  • Remote stopping of a vehicle and disconnection of fuel supply
  • ACC alarm - warning when the vehicle is started
  • Warning when losing the GPS signal - the locator will send a warning SMS with the last known position before the signal is lost


Technical Specifications:

Supported networks: GSM/GPRS
GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900
Position accuracy: 5 m
Operating temperature: -20 to 55°C
Water tightness: IP x1

The package contains:

  • GPS locator
  • GPS and GSM antenna 
  • Microphone
  • Wiring harness
  • Relay


GPS lokátor Helmer LK 506

About the Helmer brand:
Helmer TM is a registered trademark of our company. We cooperate with leading international manufacturers of GPS tracking devices. Thus, the Helmer brand is placed on original products that undergo a thorough final inspection of their quality and functionality. When buying Helmer locators, you will avoid buying cheap, Chinese and often non-working imitations.