Helmer Alkosure

  • Helmer Alkosure

Helmer Alkosure

Keychain Breath Digital Fuel Cell Alcohol tester Breathalyzer



Helmer Alkosure uses an internal fuel cell to measure alcohol in your breath. This method is one of the more accurate ways to test and is closer to the technology police use to patrol the streets too. Testing is simple and blood alcohol is presented as a percentage on the digital display. Includes 3 x mouthpieces and a storage case. Of course all measurements are an indication only and you should only use them as a guide. The safest blood alcohol to drive with is zero. 

Alcohol Fuel Cells are the latest advancements in professional alcohol testing. They are far more accurate sensor with repeatable test results than comparable fuel cell sensors or the lower cost semiconductor based sensors. Being non-responsive to gases other than alcohol, the Helmer Alkosure does not detect a false positive for individuals on a low carb. diet. Always remember that Fuel Cells sensors are the gold standard when screening for BAC.


  • Advanced Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Fast Warm-up, response and recovery times
  • Flow Check Technology
  • LCD Display
  • Wide detection range up to 0.2 % BAC
  • Hygienic Individual mouthpieces
  • Test Time Indication
  • Audible Alerts / Low Battery Indicator
  • Auto power off saves battery
  • Self-Diagnostic with Error messages