Helmer LK 707 pink

  • Helmer LK 707 pink
Manufacturer: Helmer

Helmer LK 707 pink

Children’s GPS tracking watch, which can be used to make calls, used to monitor your children´s location; color touchscreen, camera


Children’s GPS tracking watch, which can be used to make calls, help you monitor your children’s location. In comparison to previous models, it has a large color touchscreen, is waterproof and has very sensitive GPS reception, ensuring exact localization.

How does it work? 
The device uses signals of GPS/GPRS networks and GPS satellites. The equipment enables the tracking 
and localization of children, determining their exact position by means of GPS and subsequently sending information and exact coordinates to a mobile application. To ensure the locator’s trouble-free functionality, it is recommended to use a SIM card that supports both SMS messages and data tariffs. The maximum data consumption of the watch is calculated at 30 MB/month.

Watch tracking and controlling through a mobile application
The watch can be controlled and tracked by means of a mobile application that can be downloaded using a QR code, e.g. from the Google Store database. Versions are available for Android and iOS. 


Map - after pressing this button in app, a map showing the watch’s position is displayed. 
History - displays the route of the watch on the map for a selected time interval
SOS - set 2 phone numbers that may be dialed after pressing one of two buttons on the watch
Geofence - set an area where the watch may move. If the watch leaves this area, a warning SMS will be sent
Remote eavesdropping - listen in to sounds in the vicinity of the watch
Calling the watch - you can make a phone call to the watch and the watch can take the call.
Phone directory in the watch - up to 10 phone numbers may be entered that may be dialed by the watch and used to make a call
Intercom - record and send a voice message lasting up to 15 seconds. You can also send a text message to the watch.



Technical specifications

- Supported networks: GSM/GPRS
- GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900
- Position accuracy: 5 m (e.g. bad weather may impair the accuracy)
- Battery life: up to 100 hours in stand-by mode
- Battery type: rechargeable 3.7 V 420 mAh Li-Ion accumulator
- Operating temperature: -20 to 55°C
- Dimensions: 46 × 40 × 15.3 mm
- Weight: 42 g
- Water tightness: IP 56
- suitable for children aged 3 and more

About the Helmer brand:
Helmer TM is a registered trademark of our company. We cooperate with leading international manufacturers of GPS tracking devices. Thus, the Helmer brand is placed on original products that undergo a thorough final inspection of their quality and functionality. When buying Helmer locators, you will avoid buying cheap, Chinese and often non-working imitations.